Project Overview: Camps Bay - Seasonal Catalog Design

For Camps Bay, we undertook a comprehensive catalog design project, creating a visually appealing & breathable layout and follow-up content plan. We meticulously organized and executed all content to be included in the catalog, ensuring it aligned with the brand's messaging and goals. Additionally, we devised and implemented a targeted social media campaign to complement the catalog release. Through our efforts, Camps Bay achieved a cohesive and impactful brand image across various channels.

Troy Wade

Project Lead

Tiffany Federer

Project Lead

Jaquelin Sill

Account Manager

Olivia Hammond

Creative Writer

overview overview

TellMe Studios has transformed our seasonal catalogs into captivating pieces that effectively communicate the essence of our brand. Their attention to detail and creative approach have made a significant impact on our marketing materials.

Camps Bay Marketing Manager

Camps Bay

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