Welcome to TellMe Studios, a full-service creative agency specializing in photography, branding, advertising videography, and more. Our mission is to bring your vision to life with excellence and creativity. These are our Terms of Service, which govern our interactions with clients and the provision of our services.

Services OFFERED

1. Photography: Professional photography services tailored to client needs.

2. Branding: Comprehensive branding solutions, including strategy, design, and implementation.

3.Advertising Videography: High-quality videography services for advertising and promotional purposes.

Engagement Process

1. Consultation: Initial meeting to understand client requirements and project scope.

2. Proposal & Quote: Provision of a detailed proposal and quote for the services required.

3.Agreement: Finalization of services and terms through a formal agreement.

Payment Terms

Deposits: A non-refundable deposit of [X]% of the total quote is required to commence work. This deposit is a part of the overall project fee. Balance Payment: The remaining balance is due upon project completion or as specified in the individual project agreement. Late Payment Fee: Payments not received within the agreed timeframe will incur a late fee. The late fee will be applied every 20 days past the due date, with the fee doubling at each 20-day interval. This is to encourage timely payments and ensure smooth operation of services. Example:

20 days late: X% of the outstanding amount
40 days late: 2X% of the outstanding amount
60 days late: 4X% of the outstanding amount, and so forth.

Cancellation Policy

Client Cancellation: Details of the cancellation policy, including any fees or deposit forfeiture.
Agency Cancellation: Conditions under which the agency may cancel the agreement and the consequences thereof.

Intellectual Property

Ownership of Created Materials: Specification of how intellectual property rights are handled upon project completion.
Usage Rights: Terms of usage rights granted to clients for the materials created.

Dispute Resolution

Details of how disputes, if any, will be resolved, including governing law and jurisdiction.

Limitation of Liability

A clause limiting the liability of TellMe Studios in relation to the services provided.

Amendments to Terms

Statement that these terms may be updated and the manner in which clients will be notified of such changes.

Acceptance of Terms

A clause stating that by engaging the services of TellMe Studios, the client agrees to these Terms of Service.