Project Overview: Chafe Pro - STREP (Static Rope Edge Protection)

For this Chafe Pro project, our team took on a multifaceted scope of work to help Chafe Pro innovate within the climbing and rope safety market. Our primary objective was to conceptualize, co-develop, and brand a new product called STREP (Static Rope Edge Protection). This involved extensive research, prototyping, and testing to ensure the product's efficacy and safety standards met industry requirements.

In addition to product development, we undertook a comprehensive rebranding initiative for the parent company, Fjord Inc. This encompassed a strategic overhaul of the company's visual identity, including logo design, brand guidelines, and messaging, to align with the launch of STREP and reflect Fjord Inc.'s commitment to innovation and excellence in the outdoor safety sector.

Through collaborative efforts and meticulous attention to detail, our team successfully delivered a holistic solution that not only introduced a groundbreaking product to the market but also revitalized the brand identity of Fjord Inc., positioning it as a leader in more than just the marine industry. we designed a brand for the adventures out there.

Troy Wade

Project Lead

Tiffany Federer

Project Lead

Jaquelin Sill

Account Manager

Olivia Hammond

Creative Writer

overview overview

Working with TellMe Studios was a game-changer for our product launch. Their creativity and strategic approach truly set STREP apart in the market.

Client Name

Chafe Pro

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