La Jeunesse

After becoming a stab victim on two separate occasions at the young age of 14. With the help of his organization, Paul was able to turn his life around and now is following his dream of becoming a professional football player.

The project was for the narrative sector/to be used for promotion to help drive more donations to the program.

The client struggled with community engagement and alumni engagement, overall donations from the public and private sector.

  • Objectives and Approach

  • The project's goal was to highlight how a community of people who care about the youth, can help a young kid turn their life around after being faced with serious life-threatening events.

    We were operating on our creative freedom, with the producer and the director both Alumni of the organization. We looked at the landscape of what was done in the past by the organization and what we could do to elevate the organization's brand identity in the way that we'd like it to be while we were active members of the organization.

    For research, we sat down and looked at various sports documentaries and thought about how we could make something unique but engaging and decided to capture footage and build out the story as it unfolded since a team's success or a person's story unfolds in real-time. It was more efficient to build out the full narrative in post-production, but look to capture key moments and seek out key relationships that would fit the overall theme and narrative.

  • Implementation and Results

  • We looked at our characters and broke down the phases of their life that experienced every day and highlighted what was unique to their experience that not every teenager their age has to endure. With that in mind, we then build a product schedule trying to capture certain aspects of his life that makes what there are all about as a person.

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    Quincy Williams


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    TellMe Studios has transformed our seasonal catalogs into captivating pieces that effectively communicate the essence of our brand. Their attention to detail and creative approach have made a significant impact on our marketing materials.

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