Project Overview: The Hidden Script - Book Series Launch

Our collaboration on The Hidden Script involved extensive typographic research to refine the visual identity of self-published author Jemima Victor's work. Alongside talented illustrators, we aimed to create a design that authentically reflected the essence of the book's story. Through a straightforward and focused approach, we developed a visual language that resonated with the story's themes and captivated readers.

Our goal was clear: develop a visual identity that not only complemented the book's key attributes but also resonated deeply with its readers. By immersing ourselves in the narrative and embracing a spirit of creativity and innovation, we succeeded in crafting a unique and captivating design that captured the essence of The Hidden Script.

Troy Wade

Team Lead

Ebengho Oghosa


overview overview

TellMe Studios played a pivotal role in bringing 'The Hidden Script' to life. Their creativity and dedication truly elevated our book series to new heights.

Jemima Victor


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