Torreya : Plant your beauty

A botanical adventure with our enchanting 'Plant Your Beauty' cosmetic brand video. Delve into a world where nature's vibrant hues meet the artistry of makeup, creating a tapestry of colors that celebrate your natural beauty. Let the lush landscapes and blossoming blooms guide you through a journey of self-expression and empowerment. Get ready to bloom with confidence as we unveil the secret to unlocking your inner radiance.

Elijah Hicks


Quincy Williams


Lawerence Labeau

Director of Photography

Quincy Williams

Co-Director of Photography

Quincy Williams


overview overview

TellMe Studios has transformed our seasonal catalogs into captivating pieces that effectively communicate the essence of our brand. Their attention to detail and creative approach have made a significant impact on our marketing materials.

Camps Bay Marketing Manager

Camps Bay

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